Filteration System
Filteration System
Filters are used to remove organic and inorganic debris from the water that could potentially clog the emission devices. In agriculture, sand media filters, screen filters or disc type filters are commonly used and may be cleansed manually, semi-automatically or automatically. Even where potable water is used, which is typical of landscaping applications, disc or screen filters should be installed since scale and chemical precipitants may occur which present a potential clogging hazard. Depending on the emission device chosen, the degree of filtration should be 120 microns.

Hydrocyclon Filter
Hydrocyclon Filter - Metal
Hydrocyclone Filter - Plastic

Sand Filter
Sand Filter horizontal
Sand Filter Vertical

Disc Filter
Disc Filter Metal
Disk Filter plastic
Amiad Disc Filter Metal
Disc Element

Screen Filter
Screen Filter Metal
Screen Filter plastic
Amiad Screen Filter Metal
Screen Element

Automatic Filter
Hydraulic Verical Filter
Hydraulic Horizontal Filter

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