With the vision of farmers' welfare,’ ‘Kothari Agritech Pvt. Ltd.’ has been established on the 12th of May 1997 at Mohol, the Tehsil place in Sholapur District. Though the company had no favourable background and the way too was full of adversities, it launched PVC pipes and suction hose pipes into the market. With these quality productions, the company established faith in the farmers. As a result of this unwavering belief, the company has the distribution of its products not only in Maharashatra, but throughout the country also, with the states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc. Owing to the quality, service and faith in the customers, the company is triumphant in securing the reputation of ISO. In the future, the company has a plan to initiate a manufacturing unit in Gujarat and Karnataka as well.

The fact that today ‘Kothari Agritech Pvt Ltd’ has its place in the first five eminent companies, is a thing of great delight for us. In view of our ‘quality, trust and after sell service’, numerous farmers purchase our products... literally blindly. As the company has a profound relation with the farmers and the thorough knowledge of their troubles, after a meticulous study, it has introduced various products into the market. All these products have gained excellent response. Our dream of making all the products available ‘under one roof’ is now a reality, which has achieved momentum nationwide. With the company’s incessant research and development, it has become possible for us to provide novelty and handy products. Not only the business, but social service is also our aspiration, with which, we are sure, we shall bestow wealth in farms and in the dwellings of the farmers. Through various schemes, the company always inspires the farmers to attain a rise in their crops. Our people are our might.. our company is an extended family and every member of this family is bound to offer quality and service.

We strongly believe, ‘economy of our nation is based on agricultural and hence the farmers are the deities of the country’. By the stimulation of this conviction, we are confident that our products would certainly be the eyewitness in the progress of our motherland.

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