Mini Sprinkler Irrigation System
Mini Sprinkler Irrigation System as per IS:14151:Part 1-1999 & Part 2-2008
  • Both Full and Part Circle.
  • Adjustable to jet breaker to provide uniform rainfall
  • Equipped with interchangeable nozzles of different sizes for various applications.
  • Light in weight and long life.

  • Uniform distribution of water under normal wind conditions.
  • Efficient utilization and saving of water
  • More area to be brought under irrigation as compare to surface irrigation.
  • Suitable for slopping land.
  • Saving in labour

  • Suitable for field crops tea and coffee plantations, dust suppression, sport fields and golf courses.

  • Lateral Pipe used for mini Sprinkler is available in 32 mm.
32mm Lateral Pipe
Mini Sprinkler
Push Fit Tee
Push Fit Elbow
Push Fit Joiner
Push Fit End Caft
Push Fit MTA
Compression Female Ball valve

Mini Sprinkler Assembly
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